Estonian Band Award

NPO Noortebänd (Estonian Band Award) organises every year Estonian most significant and biggest competition targeted to young musicians (not older than 26 years) who practise in Estonia and do not have a representation, publishing or recording contract and the band can perform only original music.

Noortebänd has been a starting point for young uprising musicians and has taken place annually since 2001.

The purpose of Noortebänd is not only to choose the best young band in Estonia but also to be a guide to young artists and a bridge to Estonian music scene. Several special prices, awards and invitations to perform in festvials (for example Tallinn Music Week, Positivus Festival and many local festivals - Jazzkaar, Juu Jääb, Intsikurmu) are extremely necessary for a young band to showcase their repertory but at the same time to build up a network among festival and concert organisers.

Noortebänd plays crucial role in development of Estonian musical culture, by providing feedback and trainings from music professionals and offers high quality performing circumstances - professional sound engineering and stage lightning. It all encourages participants to write music and present it passionately and professionally.

Noortebänd has been a milestone for many young bands – Bedwetters, Sibyl Vane and Frankie Animal, Wilhelm, Ziggy Wild, The Werg to name a few.


Noortebänd is always interested in and open to international partnerships.

We are highly motivated to contribute into collaboration in best ways we can. Noortebänd team wants to make it mutual co-operation, where both sides are pleased and happy with the outcome. If you are interested in contributing, please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Our international partners:

  • Stage Europe Network

Noortebänd 2017 winner is

Rainer Ild